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  ONE.   Please be at least 21+! I also will not RP with characters who are under 18, but 21+ is preferred for them as well.  TWO.    IC =/= OOC. Especially in the case of Mars who is sort of a mean bitch. I promise I don't hate you lol  THREE.   The nature of Mars as a character (including his backstory) means that there are some dark or upsetting themes that someone interacting with him might have to navigate. This is of course not required, but be advised that even in an acquaintance relationship there will be exposure to things like addiction and violence. In deeper relationships, themes of physical and emotional abuse come into play. Please feel free to communicate with me OOCly if there are any issues--and of course never feel obligated to speak to Mars if this isn't for you.

  FOUR.   With regard to shipping: trying for romance is probably not the move here. Without spoiling too much of Mars' backstory, he has complicated feelings about love and commitment. Even if he loves someone he will never commit to them, and loving anyone at all is kind of rare. But if none of that is a deterrent, prepare for slow burn.  FIVE.    With regard to ERP: Mars is much more suited for friends with benefits (or... acquaintance with benefits) relationships with people, but ERP is not required. Further, I don't personally like being approached solely with ERP in mind. If it happens, it happens.  SIX.    I love to be approached OOCly to discuss pretty much anything, so please feel free to come to me with any questions, concerns, brainworms, etc etc etc. I know Mars is a bitch but I don't bite!


  NAME  [redacted]
  AGE 29
  BIRTHDAY  06/14
  RACE  Half-Elezen
  GENDER  Cis Male
  HEIGHT  6'2"
  ALIGNMENT Chaotic Neutral
  BODY TYPE  ... Twunky

ON THE SURFACE. Much to Mars' dismay, one can tell quite a few things about him by simply looking. He tends to stick to the edges of rooms, taking up space against the wall with all the other quiet edgelords. While he is quiet, his demeanor betrays the fact that he is often more anxious than anything--he can be seen chewing his lip or scratching his arms or his throat. When spoken to, he tends to be crass.
He is heavily scarred, also betraying his storied history with combat. Most are slashes or scrapes or stab wounds, some old and some more recent.
A LITTLE DEEPER. Those who have gotten to know Mars personally or have happened to run into him often might have picked up the fact that there may be a bit more to him. He is still largely reticent but takes well to conversations where he can listen. Sometimes he cracks a joke or two, even if his sense of humor is a little dry.
One can easily see that Mars is a very emotional man who simply doesn't have the means to express himself properly. Intense feelings often come in bursts of violence or hysteria. Other times, he states his emotions as plainly as if he were talking about the weather.
Still, Mars can have periods of kindness and gentleness and mischievousness the same way anyone else does. One just needs to be around at the right time to see it.


  SCRAPPY   Mars is almost always itching for a good fight. Whether a friendly spar or a proper brawl, he's a more than willing opponent. He's been known to instigate if he's in a particularly sour mood. [OOC communication requested for those who want Mars to pick a fight, or those who want to pick a fight with Mars.]  SWORD FOR HIRE   As mercenary work is Mars' main source of income, he is willing to do a variety of tasks for the right amount of coin--even if it puts his life in danger. Short term agreements and long term contracts are welcome, but the latter will need to be discussed.  VIRTUOSO   Anyone who breathes half a word about music in Mars' general vicinity will have his attention. He is clearly very passionate about the subject, if a little bashful if admitting as much. He's likely to be a little more pleasant to performers or fellow musicians.  AETHERSENSE   [OOC communication required.] There's something strange going on. One might see a poorly defined, dark shape looming about Mars, or that his aether is a bit unstable--stormy, in a way. It's dark and it's cold, but at least it doesn't seem like corruption, or a brush with the void.

  MAGICALLY INCLINED  [OOC communication required.] Particularly those familiar with thaumaturgy. Mars is searching for someone who might be able to help him--and in the meantime, he's trying to research a bit on his own.  GREEN THUMB   Loathe as Mars is to admit it, he likes to garden. While he's far from a proper botanist, he can hold a conversation well enough about the topic and has an embarrassing amount of knowledge about the meanings of particular flowers.  NOBILITY   [OOC communication recommended?] Mars has--to put it very, very nicely--a distaste for most nobility. His assumption until proven otherwise is that someone must have been exploited for another person to collect so much wealth. He might be cordial, he might be sour, or he might be outright antagonistic to overtly snooty types.  OLD FACE   [OOC communication absolutely required.] From an Ul'dahn aristocrat to a low-rent Lominsan prostitute to an Ishgardian serial killer, many faces have been worn and subsequently discarded by Mars. Maybe someone knows him from a past life.


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